Seated Massage is ideally suited for use in the workplace setting, as it provides many of the regular benefits of conventional massage. Its compact nature however allows it to easily be adapted to a workplace environment with minimal disruption to the work day flow.


The client either sits comfortably in an office chair, or rests forward onto a desk

supported by pillows/bolsters. This offers good access to the neck, back,

shoulders, arms, and hands.


Most workplace visits last around 2 to 4 hours in duration,

allowing between 10 to 20 minute treatments per employee (depending on numbers).

Workplace massage provides benefits for both the employee and employer,

making it a win-win choice.

  • Employees cannot do massage wrong, and it needs no practice to be effective.

  • As a wellness program, it requires little motivation on the part of employees, resulting in high utilisation rates.

  • No oils or balms are used. The massage is performed through clothing, making it both more psycho­logically comfortable and convenient for the employee.

  • A Seated Massage program demonstrates an employer’s proactive commit­ment to the health and well-being of employees.

  • A short massage break can fit into virtually anyone’s daily work schedule.

  • It tends to generate a sense of good will towards the employer, boosting employee morale.

  • A great way to say THANK YOU for a job well done.

  • The perfect enhancement to any existing wellness program, or a terrific way to start one!


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